Irene Midgeley


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You are used to people not believing you are a doctor. You would prefer, however, that they didn’t assume you were a nurse, especially when they then ask where the doctor is.

Getting trained as a doctor was difficult, especially given your middle-class upbringing: it would have been easier if your parents were landowners, but they were teachers. Nevertheless, you fought
your way into training at the Royal Free, then talked your way into a job at the London Child Guidance Clinic. Children wouldn’t be your first choice of patients, but you cannot complain.

You met Jason, a junior doctor at the Royal Free, during your training. He amused with his overgentlemanly solicitations: was it really necessary, for example, for him to send you flowers before asking you to dinner? You are surprised he didn’t ask your father first.

Irene Midgeley

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